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You Can’t Get Respect if You Won’t Walk Away: The No Contact Rule

The truth is that people will only respect you as much as they believe that you respect yourself. When you don’t seem to respect yourself enough to walk away from a bad situation then you can’t expect the other person to respect you enough to treat you better.

The reality is that people want to be with someone that actually wants to be with them, not someone that stays simply because they are afraid to leave. The only power that any union really has is the willingness to send the workers out on strike. People have to be willing to do without out some of the things that they want and need in order to achieve the ultimate goal in the long run. People have to even be willing to lose what they currently have in order to get what they really want.

"People will only respect you as much as they believe that you respect yourself."

Chazz Ellis

This is why the no contact rule was created. The no contact method is basically when you cut off all ties with someone because they are unwilling or unable to give you what you want in a relationship. I know that this may seem a bit drastic but it is necessary sometimes. Let’s be real, some people just don’t get the message until they see you walk away. Now, the difference between the no contact rule and simply giving up on the relationship is the temporary nature of the former. When you initiate the no contact method, it isn’t to end the relationship but to allow it to undergo a metamorphosis into something new.

Of course using the no contact rule can be scary because walking away (albeit temporarily) is a risk. Your partner may not want to change and may actually even decide that they are better off without you. The truth is that there are no guarantees in life and everything boils down to risk and reward. The best thing to do before employing the no contact method is to ask yourself if you would rather be alone than to continue on in your relationship’s current state. If the answer is yes, then the no contact method is for you but if you are unsure then that generally means that you aren’t going to stick to the no contact method so it won’t work anyway.

The thing about the no contact rule is that it is a marathon and not a sprint. This means that you have to have some real resolve to use it. You probably aren’t going to get results right away so you have to really have your mind made up and your heels dug in for it to work. The thing that you have to remember is that every time you start the no contact method and break it, you weaken you position and make it less likely for them to believe that you will every walk away.

The no contact rule can save a relationship by letting the other person see that they can lose you and also allowing them to see what it would be like if they did. You have to see the no contact method as an act of kindness or it won’t work. You truly have to believe that you are enough and showing the other person that you will walk away is helping both of you. This means that you don’t need to be vindictive or try to set them up to fail when you are gone. You have to believe that you are what is best for them and they will see that through the no contact method otherwise you will simply do things that let them know that they are better off without you after all.

Perfecting the No-Contact Method Masterclass

  • 101: Getting Started

    When you are not getting what you want from a relationship, sometimes the only thing left to do is to completely cut off contact. This may be the only way to send a message to the other person that you are serious about what you want and will tolerate anything less. Unfortunately, many people are not successful at using the no contact method because they haven’t planned ahead and have created no real strategy to carry out it out. This premium video will show you how to use the strategy called pre-nocontact that will help you prepare yourself for the difficulties that will surely come when you employ no contact. Using pre-nocontact to get started will make you much more likely to be successful.

  • 102: Maintaining

    Once you are in the no contact method, you are going to go through several ups and downs and you must have a strategy to carry you through and help you to maintain. You will probably get a bit discouraged and feel that the no contact method isn’t working. This premium video will show you how to employ tactics that will help you to deal with some of the pitfalls that generally cause one to abandon the no contact method. You can use these methods even if you did not use the pre-nocontact method and you have already run into some issues because of it.

  • 103: Getting What You Want or Letting Go

    A lot of people use the no contact method but have no idea what to do next. The other person is either going to give you what you want or not. The issue that most people run into is what to do after a conclusion has been reached. If you don’t get what you want, are you going to stay or go? If you do get what you want, then what next? These are questions that will come up when the no contact method is complete but then it will be a little too late to know what to do with the answers. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always give us a chance to stop and work out all of the details on the spot. This premium video will show you what to expect from the no contact method and give you a solid plan for what to do next in case of several different outcomes.

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