Sometimes you have problems that you really just need to talk to someone about. You can’t talk to your friends because you know that they can’t be impartial or reasonable. When you get a consultation with Chazz Ellis, you know he will keep it real and keep it confidential. It feels good to get something off of your chest and know that you are not being judged and that no one else is going to know your business. Best of all you will get a reasonable, level headed response.

I conduct consultations Tuesdays from 9:00 am to 4:00pm EST. Times based upon availability. All Sales are Final.

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Online Profile Review

Have you ever wondered why you have been attracting the wrong people online, or not attracting anyone at all? Do you meet people then soon after they become your friend on social media, they seem to lose interest? Have you even lost job opportunities? The reason may be the things that you are posting online and what they say about you. The profile review allows you to get an unbiased third party perspective on your profile so that you know what other people see. The profile review is great for: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and most other online dating sites.

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