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I am the youngest of two boys and as a child I spent a lot of time playing with my GI Joes and that’s when I learned to do all of the silly voices and imitations that have become a trademark of my comedy. As I got older, I continued to do my impressions of other people in church and in school causing me to get several whippings and earn the moniker of “class clown.” One of my teachers suggested that I use my budding talents in the theater by playing Mercutio in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and that was when I was bitten by the acting bug.

I went on to act in several plays in high school and college while playing sports and having several odd jobs along the way. I have been everything from a boxer to a car salesmen and even a cop. After my short stint as a law enforcement officer, I began performing standup comedy and fell in love with the stage again. From there I was able to travel as a comedian, perform in some great plays, and was even lucky enough to land a few television roles on some great networks like:

Picture3 Through my travels in theater, boxing, law enforcement, standup, and life; I have learned a lot about relationships, success, and failure and over the past year I have been passing on some of my own life experience on my YouTube Channel called Ask Chazz Ellis. Every week, I am  answering questions and trying my best to help people avoid some of my mistakes, learn from my many success and failures, and having a great time doing it. The success ofAsk Chazz Ellis has also prompted me to take on another endeavor called The Chazz Ellis Project, which is a sketch comedy series allowing me to exercise my acting muscles and give people a deeper look inside of the mind of Chazz Ellis….I hope I don’t scare anyone, lol.


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    1. hi I really really need u I am in a complicated relationship…..it has been 2 years but I am living in Iran and I cant pay for online talking…..what can I do for being connect with u and using ur advice?

  1. Chazz, I don’t need advice this time and neither any consultation BUT all I want is to heartily thank you.. I’ve been dealing with loads of relationship problems which leads to search answers of all my questions from internet… After watching thousands plus videos and with the help of my lord..chazz your video about “how to know if a guy is playing with you” absolutely cleared everything about my relationship which had been about 4 years. I have no regrets leaving that guy, but only one thing that I wasted my precious time with such toxic person. Before watching it I’ve doing exactly what you said and now I’ve realised what’s actually happened with me. It simply changed my life chazz… I’m so much thankful to you… Don’t have words to say how much your each video helped me… Your work is priceless. If you have a wife or a girl in your life I want her to know that she is the luckiest girl of all and I wish you and family all the happiness of here and here after!! with all my heart and soul I’ll remember you in my prayers for sure. Ones again chazz with my wet eyes .. Thankyou very much.. Btw I’m a blogger and content writer it will be an honour for me if someday you’ll need me for your writing work.. Ones again and forever stay blessed ❤️

  2. Hi Chaz
    I saw your videos on youtube and I’m interested in your thoughts..

    quick history of my x’s past,
    She is 51, Father died, mother died, brother died NO IMMEDIATE family. no close friends. very alone..she was married and divorced in her 30’s, no children, her longest relationship is 6 years in and out broken up and back .. I believe she was out of the relationship for about a month before she approached me to see her …. so I’ve know her for 1.5 years before dating.. I’m thinking there could be some feelings of abandomment thus making this case NOT FIXABLE. read below…

    Quick summary.. I met myE X about 2.5 years ago and when asker her out, she said NO because was going thru a current breakup. That was fine.
    About 1 year pasted and we didn’t ever communicate and she approached me to see her, we started dating and it was heaven. she totally fell for me and I fell for her. Then out of the blue…. on the 11 month she says that she wants, house a dog and a marriage and doesn’t see it with me… I was crushed, I waited 2 days and when to her and told her I want
    THAT TOO with HER. We got back into seeing each other (breakup lasted 2 days).
    We then dated for the next 4 moths and things were good, but I could feel her a bit distant.
    The after one night of her expressing that she did not want me to stay over and feeling her pulling away..
    I ended the relationship. I told her I didn’t want to be treated like this and I could feel her leaving…

    BTW – I’m NOT a FB friend, although she is friends with 27 of mine.
    and she was unable to leave personal a items at my house, plus… she would not hang any photos of us in her house…

    we had one last conversation 2 days after the breakup, where all she did was cry and tell me I love you and I’m her best friend and
    she doesn’t know why she is acting like this…
    I told her, I love her and want to be her life partner, marriage,, etc, but
    I cannot do anything to help her now and to do go and find out what her problem is with committiing to our relationship..

    I have not talked to her for 23 days know and decided to implement the 30 day no contact. She has liked many Facebook postings that TAG me, but has not made an effort to connect with me directly.

    I’m writing to you to ask your HARD HONEST opinion on whether this situation is a mental illness, or something that can be over come by waiting it out.

    I’m am 50 years old and she is 51 years old and she could be experiencing meno pause, abandonment issue ( abandonment.net) with close relationships or someother mental illness. Its like being in love with an alcoholic and they aren’t aware of their problems.

    I respect your work as a relationship coach, but I’m not sure if your principles and methods will work with some one who has these possible traits…. Please forward you opinion as I am crushed by this loss……


    1. Obviously the woman does not love you (otherwise she would have no pbs leaving things at your house after 2.5 years knowing you). But she needs your friendship. Maybe she loves someone else but won’t admit it. Sometimes it’s all about timing. Or feeling-maybe you’re not her type.
      As we say, plenty of fish inside the sea…

  3. watched all your videos and now I’m waiting for more. I want to know about being the side chick or other women. Is there ways you can become the main chick?

  4. Im 48, have only dated interracially, was married 20 years to a crazy ass ex NFL player, so there’s not a lot I dont know or havent heard, but you make me laugh so hard….Im just watching to giggle…I guess you confirm things I already know, but mostly, you crack me up…lol take care ( p.s. If you ever need a woman partner, I’m educated, experienced, witty, and down)

  5. Hi Chazz,
    You should consider doing some videos on job advise, some of the same principals you offer in dating advice can be applied to the work place with a few alterations. Just a new slant on what you’re currently doing.
    Thanks, Patricia

  6. Hi Chazz

    I found your videos very insightful. I was wondering if you can do videos on how to play the corporate game or dodge the corporate bullets, and career advice in general. With the work world we deal with similar manipulative work colleagues that play games with coworkers if you can draw parallels and give us advice I would be happy to present scenarios to you. Thanks!

  7. first, how important do you believe sex is in a relationship?
    how often do you believe ” I love you” should be said?

    and the big one:

    my boyfriend and I have been together almost three years and I have always been an emotional person but I’m trying to work on that because it can be overwhelming for everyone. and a few weeks ago I got a new Facebook and decided to look at his pictures, I found some of him and his  ex, curiosity took over and I went to her profile to only find some pictures of them from just last year and immediately assumed he was cheating on me. he told me that all the pictures after 2013 were old or taken from other accounts to make it look like they never broke up and he did tell me when we started our relationship that he had a ex who had a hard time getting over it and did that, but she got help and they’re just friends now and she’s in a relationship with someone else, it took me a bit to get back to 100% trusting him but it made me more insecure than before and sometimes I catch myself wondering if he’s telling the truth but quickly go back to trusting him, I don’t want to push him away because I’m emotional and my trust comes and goes sometimes and I was wondering what you would do in this situation and how you think I should deal with this and if I should just trust him and stop worrying, thank you.

  8. First time I’ve ever heard any of your work! Must say very impressed with how (for the most part) you covered almost every possible issue to look for a problem or possibly one. Plus the way you addressed fixing or preventing it further affects.
    I’m 37 yrs old and been married twice and one other longer term relationship. There are two other big induction that we do either just before or the day after we cheat! Also in return our partners lack of or over reacting to these warnings we do or say!
    I’d be honored to get the opportunity to share my knowledge and personal experience with you. You can help prevent a long portion of marriages and relationships. Your public status and social media experience allows you to make aware what is destroying so many loving and possibly eternal marriages and couples.
    I’m not wanting you to think I’m trying to overstep your boundaries! I’m a emotionally recovering partner of a 7 yr marriages that I destroyed, because the preventive signs over looked in every single one of my relationships and bye standered of countless other close friends and family members separations. Until I watched and discovered the first sign! Almost every single time a person cheats it can be stopped!

  9. Dear Chazz
    My spouse had dumped me when I discovered him cheating. He never come clean when I asked, but now there have been many unanswered, and unresolved issues over the years. I cut my losses, and focus on myself. Suddenly he is disturbed that I am not calling or texting anymore. I suspect his next move will be to move back in. I want out of this for good. tell me how to deal with this type of cheater. What is your email or contact. I will make a donation some day when I am employed again.

  10. Chazz, so I recently discovered your videos and you are so on point. Thank you! That’s first off, secondarily: ur funny, extremely intelligent, have the common sense of an 80 year old, well spoken and ADORABLE. Are you single? There’s NO WAY with all of your knowledge that you’re single! Please confirm. I had a question: how do I attract men that don’t just want to take? Men who know their role as men and provide? I’m self sustaining and am NOT a gold digger, I’m not talking LV bags and ice, I’m talking a man who when u say that you see in need that he WANTS to TRY to help? It’s discouraging bcuz I love black men and prefer them but I also date outside the race and nonblack men tend to have this quality down whereas black men seem to always think they are being used #frustrated 🙁 Hoping u answer this question or email me just bcuz; ) thank you for all you do, sir. Elizabeth

  11. Chazz I just wanted to take time out to thank you thank you because some of the questions that I needed answered you put them there most of all I have a 14 year old daughter who just started 9th grade and everything that I have been trying to tell her she listened but didn’t so I said you know what we’re going toChazz
    hear from a male perspective being divorced you became that boy so now just wanted to let you know thank you

  12. Hi Chazz,

    Love, love, love your YouTube videos with excellent advice on relationships. Quick question… What are some of the ways the man wants make to up with his girlfriend after a nasty argument? When he says “I’m not going anywhere but you Gotta make it up to me” what does that mean?

    Thx again for your advice!

  13. I have to say as a middle age woman, your video’s are 100 percent correct. In fact a lot of what you have said I really never thought of and it makes complete sense. Your content is not only for younger women its really for all ages. I have dated younger men who act more mature then old coots. I would like to see a video on mixed messages. People who declare themselves as your friend but try to involve themselves in your life as a boyfriend would. Not in a sexual way but wanting to have input in your life. Please keep the video’s going and your advice is excellent .

  14. Chazz, you are funny, very intuitive and you interpret human dynamics to the T.
    And also, you narrate it in a very understandable manner, yet with details, with gestures, expressions and examples.
    This is a true talent a few have!

    Good luck in your career!

  15. Hello Chazz,

    I love and appreciate your dating Yutube videos. Please can you address both men and women who may be dating Narcissists and do not even know it. Some of the so-called players out there are really (overt and covert) narcissists who have personality disorders. Please do a series on this topic, so people can protect themselves. Men have a higher rate of having this disorder and a lot of women are unaware. The covert narcissist and the most common are the worst because they more introverts. I had a lot of girlfriends (including myself) who dated narcissists and did not know it. They are the worst offenders of ghosting people. Please help educate folks, so they can reconize and heal from a narcissist relantionships.

    Thank you

  16. I love your videos I’ve been binge watching them and I love how you simplistic break it down, which is why I believe you will be able to help me with a issue I have!

    I am getting to know a guy that is wonderful to me, we help eachother, and are truly bonding and it’s been 5 months so far. I’m 23 and as bad as I want to be with who God tells never is my husband, I know God still needs me to be single as he is molding me into a kingdom wife. Also with this gentleman particularly there are some physical and situational issues that I have been noticing though and every time I try to point them out he tells me nothing will ever be perfect which I understand but I trying to walk on God’s calling for my life and he is passively waiting for it to happen to him. We also have been intimate as well which I feel horrible for because I had been celibate for a year and a half. He wants to be in a committed relationship but I just can’t comfortably go do it without feeling like I am settling. He really loves me and I know every time I try to stop where we are headed and let him down easily I just feel horrible because it’s like I see him emotionally shrink but then once I hit it off again I start feeling stuck.

    My questions are, am I just being superficial and unreasonable or is this right to feel then also how do you know when you have met that right person?

  17. Chazz I need help, asap, please please w/ chocolate covered strawberries on top, please email and help me not to lose my bf…it’s all going down now…HELP ME TRY N SAVE THIS, TO ACT RIGHT, ty dear!!

  18. Chazz– this is just pure, old fashioned fan mail!

    – You’re a national treasure! Keep up the great work!

    I’m in a wonderful marriage, but I adore your channel. When I have a single friend (or friend frustrated with his/her adult children) all I have to do is say “Ask Chazz Ellis” and the rest just falls into place!

    -Thanks for making it easy for me to help others help themselves.

    Your Fan,


  19. consultation request – I’d like to schedule a 20 – 30 minute confidential consultation as offered on your YouTube drop down. I’d like to send you an email about my situation and then have a Skype or a FaceTime session with you. I don’t see an option for this exactly on your website. Would you please contact me directly to make the arrangements? Thank you so much! I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’ve been watching your videos and find you to be pretty spot on and very real.

  20. Hello. While I was up early this morning as usual I came across one of your videos. This is the first time I’ve ever seen you. You made one comment in a video that finally made me understand why I’m not getting the response that I want from a gentleman that I’m interested in. You simply said he has too many options! And that immediately woke me up and gave me the answer but I have been looking for. Thank you so much. Now I can move on.

  21. Chazz,

    I like way you keep it 100! Enjoy your video’s
    I need help or your opinion: what’s really going on?

    Here’s the deal: I dated a man years (10) ago for 2 yrs. He broke up with me, and went ghost a month 1/2. I had then began to date and ended up I marrying somebody else, and divorced. The man and I, after my divorce, renewed our Friendship, and have remained friends for years, (no sex). Seen him recently , it has been a year since I last seen him (no kiss, or nothing) He said he’s dating, but no Girl friend. He made a point to say No Girlfriend. He was asking me questions about me, are you dating? Maybe you should get back out there? This is a very successful guy. He invited me to his new home to an open house for his son. I stayed at his house, but he didn’t seem romantically interested at all.
    (He lives in another State) But, he’s always been a gentleman, church man. After my visit, I asked him out on a date to go a football game, His favorite team, a planned event, in his town. He declined, no explanation. First of all, It took him a week to answer, he said he had to think bout it. He then said he couldn’t make it. I felt rejection, and did no contact, so far it been 3 days. Problem: I don’t know, if he will ever be serious about me? He seems to be still mad, cause I got married, years ago. Should I continue this relationship hoping for more than a friend? or Let it go? Besides, he said he dating other people. However, he has came to my town to visit several times but, I wasn’t unavailable, to see him, not because of dating, due to work schedule. ( He also works in my state). But, Now, he has other options. I think He might be gone this time, he a good catch. I really like him a lot. I have known him and his family for years. Family likes me. Could this go somewhere, if I open up and tell him how I feel?, or this just more time wasted in Friend Zone?

    PS: At dinner, He threw shots like; why did you get married? You just ran off after a month 1/2 and got married on me. etc. This caught me off guard, didn’t know how to respond.

    Do I call him and ask to see him to meet for a conversation? He obviously want answers, that I wouldn’t address. or text him and tell him I felt rejection about the game, or just Wait to see if he contact me? or what was this?? Look at me Now, see what you missed? type of deal? Oh, I usually disappear when things don’t seem right. I won’t see or talk to him for months. But, he continue to seek me??? Why?? if he doesn’t care or want me? Maybe that why this chase has gone on for so long. Maybe he tried of the chase? Was I to forward with the invite with the game?

    what to do now?

    what’s your thoughts????.

  22. Thank you. If you are helping alleviate the terror some women find themselves in due to choosing a partner who is a covert narcissist (women may not figure this out for several years, especially if they are idealistic, in love, trusting, faithful and honest.., and assume that their partner shares their values because they were tricked by an element of sociopathy and just had no clue)… thank you. I do believe that most of the time, you are dead on. At other times, I do not know the type of woman you are referring to. For my part, I believed I had the perfect partner. I was madly in love. I believed God made this person for me and made me for him. I never looked at him as less than. His mom called him “a diamond in the rough” and I believed her and was trying to help him use his positive and strong skills to get to where he wanted in life. I was not perfect and made mistakes but took my marriage vows seriously. I thought he did too. I never missed an ex until I found out about the extent of his betrayals and realized he is a shell of the person I thought I knew. But thank you so much for the videos because they provide me with a sense of informed safety as I try to rebuild my life for the sake of my children. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  23. Hey! Quick question. What would cause a husband to call his wife ugly? Same guy 6 years later threatened to cut off access to their bank account.

  24. Hi I need a consultation but I work Mondays to Friday 7:30 am to around 5:30-6pm pacific time. I can only do a consultation on a weekday evening or anytime on weekends. Can that be worked out?

  25. Hey, I know this situation sounds so stupid but…I need your advise a lot. There is this guy who always treated me like I was less than because he had a little popularity as a man. I know it sounds high school Irish but some men take their popularity seriously. I always showed this man support & interest but he always pushed me away. He ignored my messages and everything. He chose someone who had the same popularity as him over me. I wasn’t angry, I was safe for a little while than got over it. I moved on and my interest in him went away. Now that I moved on he is stalking me and speaking Ill of me to people that know me. I don’t understand why won’t this guy leave me alone?

  26. Hello Chaz,

    I recently came across your videos on YouTube and I immediately subscribed to your channel! I absolutely love your videos. I find them inciteful, entertaining, candid, but most importantly they are extremely informative. I wish I could have seen these videos 20 years ago, they would have saved me a lot of heart ache. Anyway, may I ask how much you charge for a consultation, and your next availability? I didn’t see anywhere to request one on the site. I have a situation that could really use your expertise. I keep getting unsolicited advice from other women, which is more annoying than helpful. I’d like a professional opinion if at all possible. Thank you for you time. Have a wonderful day.

    Clinique’ E

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