Why You Don’t Recognize Game

game recognize game

They say that game recognizes game but I think that only happens when you keep it real with yourself. Whenever you talk about game or people playing games, the average person takes this as an opportunity to get high and mighty and claim that they don’t playing any games and never have. Most people like to say that anyone who is still playing games is immature and may even have some kind of mental condition. I think that most people take this stance because they can’t really see how other people view them and their actions.

"They say that game recognizes game but that only happens when you keep it real with yourself."

Chazz Ellis

People do things to protect themselves and gain control in their lives. Most people see their actions as just getting by but those negatively affected by their actions would call what they are doing playing games. I say that we all play games and it’s really just a matter of perspective. When we judge our own actions, we generally judge them based on how they have affected our lives. We decide whether or not we are better off due to the choice that we made or worse off. When we judge the actions of other people we usually take into account how their actions affected us and maybe as an afterthought, we think of how their actions affected them as they relate to us. Basically, we feel like someone messed up just because their actions caused us to no longer communicate with them not taking into account that they may be communicating with someone else that they like better as a result of those actions.

When we think about game, we think about what has been done to us and not what we have done to others. If you ask a man which sex plays the most games, he will generally say women and if you ask a woman, she will generally say men. This is because most people don’t see their actions as playing games no matter how they affect others but they see the actions of others in a completely different way. This happens because we view our own actions through the lens of our intent but we don’t have that same luxury with other people. A mirror shows you how you see yourself, not how the world sees you. When we look at ourselves, we see all of our good intentions and everything that happened to bring us to this point but when we see others, we only see how their most recent action has impacted our lives.

So, what does this have to do with getting played? The answer is everything. The reason that most of us keep getting played is that we just can’t see that others feel that we have played them. We just can’t see how our attempts to preserve ourselves have been viewed by others as playing games. When we aren’t ready to commit to someone, we give a whole laundry list of reasons and decide that they should just accept them but when they are not ready to commit, they are players or childish people that need to grow up. We have the right to not be attracted to someone but when someone that we like isn’t attracted to us they have to have some deficiency or issue that blinds them to our greatness and beauty.

We usually can’t recognize game in others because we refuse to recognize it in ourselves. If we could be honest about who we are to others and how all of the people that we dealt with in the past may truly see us then we could start to see the root cause of game and that would give us the ability to see the games coming.

A great actor has to put himself inside the mind of the character, without judgement, in order to create a believable performance. This is because the actor can’t really give an honest portrail of the character unless he really knows what the character would do in a given situation. The audience has to feel that the character is motivated and on a mission to achieve a goal. The actor can’t create this unless he understands the character enough to know what his mission is and why.

The reality is that you will always get played if you can’t understand why people are playing you in the first place. You can’t protect yourself when you don’t know why people choose to do what they do. A great fighter asks herself what she would do if she were her opponent and that is how she mounts her defense. If you just can’t admit that you are willing to strike then you will never be able to defend yourself against any a danger.

How to Stop the Game Masterclass

  • 101: Understanding Why People Play Games

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  • 102: Identifying Game

    Many people constantly find themselves in the same situations over and over again not knowing how to respond. When you can't identify game, you are simply forced to interpret whatever someone is doing as a true representation of how they feel. You are not in control because they are the ones creating the reality while you simply react to it. When you can't identify specific games, you simply can't execute a plan no matter how hard you try. This premium video will show you how to spot specific games and quickly understand the difference between genuine lack of interest and methods being employed to gain a specific response. Get this video

  • 103: How and When to Take Action

    When dealing with those who play games, the first impulse is to act out of emotion and do something to make yourself feel better in the moment. Many times, very little thought goes into these actions and they are soon followed by regret. This premium video will tell you how to act and more importantly when to act in order to get the maximum results and avoid dealing with regret. Get this video

  • 104: After You Mess Up

    Of course it is easier to stop the game when you have created a plan before hand and haven't made any mistakes however, we are all human and of course we will mess up. This premium video shows you what to do after you mess up. This video will show you how to get back on track and avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. Get this video