The greatest feeling in the world is having the power of choice

People generally don’t chase you because you never really leave. Most people enter into relationships in which they are not getting what they want and some people choose to walk away hoping that the other person will come after them and realize that they were wrong. Well, in real life this generally doesn’t happen and even if it does, it usually doesn’t last. Most people don’t really take your leaving seriously enough to change and everyone else just doesn’t have enough value in you to care.

Of course we all want someone to value us enough to feel that we are worth chasing or at least feel that we are worth treating well enough so that they don’t end up having to chase us. The greatest feeling in the world is having the power of choice and having someone chase us gives us just that.

The reason that most of us never really walk away is because we don’t really feel that we are enough. We don’t really feel that just walking away would ever make someone feel that they made a mistake. Most of us walk away physically to prove a point but ultimately never feel that we did enough to build value so that the other person will be affected by our absence. This is why most people feel like they still need closure when they walk away and are stuck with a feel of unfinished business. When you feel that you have unfinished business, it is impossible to let go and you eventually become obsessed. I always say that unfinished business is the leading cause of obsession for this reason. Most people walk away with unfinished business still standing and actually end up chasing the person that they left instead of the other way around.

"The greatest feeling in the world is having the power of choice and having someone chase us gives us just that."

Chazz Ellis

People also make the mistake of walking away while still making their lives about the other person. Why would someone need to chase you when it is obvious that they are still occupying every aspect of your life? Most people walk away physically but because they don’t feel that they are enough, they have to continue to try to affect the other person in some way through their actions. They don’t go out to have fun, they go out in hopes that the other person will hear about it and be upset. When the other person doesn’t get upset, obsession kicks in and they find themselves internet stalking and basically chasing them.

Getting someone to chase you isn’t about what you do to them but what you do for you. Think about all of the people that you don’t want who won’t leave you alone. Have you done anything to them in order to get them to chase you? Generally people start chasing you because you are building value by the way that you are living your life and not focusing on them. The real key to getting someone you want to chase you is just learning how to do what it is that you do with the people that you don’t want on purpose.

How to Get Them to Chase You Masterclass

  • 101: Walking Away

    When you want someone to take you seriously, sometimes the only thing that will get their attention is walking away. The problem with walking away is that people usually do it at the wrong time or in the wrong way and that leads the other person to just not feel the loss. To get someone to feel the loss and want to come after you, it is important to master the art of walking away. This premium video will teach you how to start getting the other person to value and pursue you by walking away. Get this video

  • 102: Getting Back Out There

    Many of us struggle to move on after walking away from someone who won't give us what we deserve. This generally happens because we are not over the situation and causes us to make bad choices that lead the other party to almost feel glad that we are gone. This premium video will show you how to avoid the pitfalls of moving on and make yourself far more valuable than ever. Get this video

  • 103: What to Do When They Come Back

    When some isn’t treating you the way that you want to be treated and you decide to walk away and get back out there, many times you hope that they will come back with a better attitude but a lot of people don’t have a plan for when they do. This premium video will show how to take advantage of the leverage that have gained in order to get the relationship that you really want. Get this video